Scope of Business

The Goody’s – everest Group of Companies leverages on its expertise and resources to operate within a wide scope of food-related sectors.

Development and operation of leading foodservice chains with a history in the Greek market, an extensive footprint in major cities & the travel network, and an international outlook.
Wide portfolio of unique foodservice concepts that can be adjusted for highstreet, travel or destination markets like malls and amusement parks.
Foodservice Solutions: Development of innovative specialized formats for any brand of the wide Group portfolio to address all possible needs (food trucks, carts, booths etc.
2 production plants specializing in the production and distribution of ready-made meals, meat products, sauces and bakery products.
Institutional catering & Special projects: Long term experience in demanding large scale institutional catering (schools, army camps, charity institutions), inflight catering and F&B management (hospitals, sports venues, corporate offices, factories etc).

Extensive footprint in Greece

The Group has an extensive presence all around Greece mainly through its major foodservice chains:

over 200
La Pasteria
Goody's Burger House
over 120
Olympus Plaza
Flocafe Espresso Room
over 100

Expertise in Travel Related Business

The Group holds a long tradition and great expertise in the travel and tourism related business:


National leading partner with 45 years of experience in airport food services, and international partnerships with SSP, Autogrill, Fraport.
Present in 80% of motorist service stations in all motorways in Greece.
Operates approx 80% of the spots in ferries.
Long tradition & expertise in travel and tourism related business
The travel network (airports, motorways, vessels) represents over 45% of the Group’s total points of sale
National leading partner with over 50 years of experience in airport food services

International Expansion

All Goody’s – everest Group of Companies brands are exceptionally innovative concepts with the capacity to adapt to the needs of any target market around the world. Today, the Group operates in 10 countries with a total of 14 stores.


Franchise agreements are the dominant strategy driving international expansion. The Groups’ expansion plan includes agreements for the establishment of Goody’s – everest Group of Companies brands in Saudi Arabia, Qatar & Australia as well as more stores opening in Cyprus.

Flocafe Espresso Room is the first brand of the Group that has travelled to the Arabian Peninsula with the first store opening in Kuwait in 2020
The most popular combination in the London Flocafe Espresso Room store, is espresso freddo and traditional "mpougatsa" (cream filled pie)
Although known for its burgers, for many years the most popular item in the Goody's menu was Club Sandwich.